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This is a forums made for a clan name TimeIn From soldier Front!
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 TimeIn Rules(Update)

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PostSubject: TimeIn Rules(Update)   Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:41 pm

Timein is very strict in rules and any violations of these policy will result in a ban.
1. Obey the rules of IJJI- That means when you first started out you signed an agreement to follow IJJI's terms.
2. Respect other players- This means you should not complain about lag, people's guns, ping and etc. Do not blame people are cheating unless you are 100% sure. This means you need evidence such as screenshots. When you die you shouldn't say they wallhack or aimbot, you should learn what you did wrong and not make the same mistakes again.
3. No such thing as Kill steal- When you are in a team and you complain about kill stealing you shouldn't be here. Why would you say kill steal when you guys are in the same team. Makes no sense, so I do not want anyone in my clan to say such thing.
4. Do not leave for your stats- When you join a game you hope to have fun, but if you leave what was the point of joining the game in the first place? "If you leave for your stats then your stats are not yours." -RenegadeFerret.
5. Join the forums- In order to keep random people from joining I want all the members to join the forums to verify their accounts. Any new member wanting to join will have to join the forums and post your log in ID and IGN in the section: Introduction. You will see member verification there you will post your ID and IGN.

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TimeIn Rules(Update)
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